Tennessee Prompters is the latest evolution of nearly 30 years of continuous teleprompting experience. Will Reynolds, Tennessee Prompters’ owner, started prompting in 1984 while working for Dynamic Media, Inc., in Nashville, Tennessee. While with Dynamic Media, Reynolds oversaw teleprompter operations and worked for hundreds of clients, from presidents of companies to the president of the United States, George H. W. Bush. During his tenure at Dynamic Media, Reynolds experienced the transition of “state-of-the-art” teleprompter technology, from paper driven systems to some of the earliest computerized systems.

Reynolds started MediaMan® Productions in 1990 and went independent in 1991, while continuing his relationship with Dynamic Media. As MediaMan® Productions evolved through the 90’s its teleprompter services gained an ever larger share of the company’s business. In 2000, Dynamic Media closed its doors and MediaMan Productions combined both company’s client bases. By 2003, the decision was made to create Tennessee Prompters as a self-standing division of MediaMan® Productions, to reflect the company’s commitment to professional teleprompter services.

Tennessee Prompters is now the premiere teleprompter service provider in the Central South.  In business for nearly 30 years, Tennessee Prompters’ operators have over 70 years of combined experience and prompt fluently in five foreign languages.  In addition to an inventory of modern, reliable teleprompter equipment, Tennessee Prompters is the first eastern U.S. distributor of Jumbo Bright Prompters’ patented, ultra bright teleprompter displays.  The playing field for outdoor and large room teleprompter displays has shifted and once again, Tennessee Prompters is leading the way.

Christmas with Will & a good friend.





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